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Niki Matthews - Animal Osteopathy

I am enjoying wonderful balance in my career of both animal and human Osteopathy.

I am passionate about Osteopathy and teaching whether it be with my patients to help manage their treatment or with postural training for both horse and rider. Osteopathy is all about anatomy, and I believe the better understanding the owner, rider, trainer, has about the way these incredible animals work, can only benefit both parties. All horses will have conformation issues but enabling them to work within the realms of their natural biomechanics will help to produce good posture. Recognising the changes that can be made vs. the support of conformation is imperative to improve well being and help prevent injury.

Niki Matthews BSc (hons) ost, BHSAI Cert.Ed.
Principal of The Centre, Director Vitruvian Osteopathy Ltd

Our Animal Osteopathy Clinics…

We also have a successful practice for humans! The Osteopathy Centre works closely with local schools, with now famous visits from Sidney the Skeleton, local businesses ensuring your posture is tip top and all pregnancy clinics to ensure the safest of deliveries for mum and baby. Visit via the links below for more information.

Learn with our skeleton…

Sidney helping educate children about good posture at The Centre of Osteopathy and Complementary Health
Sidney is famous in Hythe for his outfits and visits to public events, but he also works hard to promote spinal health in Hythe and surrounding areas, visiting schools and children’s centres to answer questions about how to look after your own Sidney. See his schools leaflet for posture advice for your family.

If you would like to use Sidney for your business, event or school please e-mail Kate our practice manager via the link below…

Your horse & your posture!

Pregnancy and posture advice at The Centre of Osteopathy and Complementary Health
Niki is fascinated about how the riders posture affects the horses, and the biomechanics of both horse and rider.
Understanding why some horses function better with one rider than another has become a passion of her’s. The riders posture has a huge affect on the horse posture and influencing their way of going.

Get in touch with us for your free consultation to check if your posture is affecting your horse…

Love your posture!

Free spinal checks at The Centre of Osteopathy and Complementary Health
At The Centre we are all about helping you when you need it but we’re also all about preventative care and we promote and encourage regular spinal MOT’s. This is why we run our hugely popular free spinal check service. Book in with one of our Osteopaths and they will assess your spine and look at your posture and put plans in place to make sure you don’t end up booking in to see us with a painful emergency!

Mail us below with your request…

Sidney has his very own social media!


Worried about your horse or pet?

We also have a human clinic!

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